Nordic Kingdom

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King: Ragnar Sword-Shatterer

Claimant: Gustav Lightbringer

Ideas (1-10)

Centralized vs Decentralized: 5

Aristocratic vs Plutocratic: 2

Serfdom vs Free Subjects: 10

Innovative vs Narrowminded: 3

Mercantilism vs Free Trade: 3

Offensive vs Defensive: 7

Land vs Naval: 5

Quality vs Quantity: 2


The Nordic Kingdom is an ancient and proud nation that values honor and tradition. It’s armies are strong, and its people generally have plenty to eat. Serfdom has always been banned within its borders, and though Ragnar’s rule is absolute, the people have more freedom here than in many other nations. It has fought three war wars with the Tsardom of Thull, and its military is always ready for a fourth. It’s monarch is elected by, and chosen from, a council of 15 noble families.


Regiment in the service of the Sword-Shatterer's:

Regiment in the service of the Lightbringer's:

Nordic Kingdom

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