Magic Order


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Ideas (1-10)

Centralized vs Decentralized: 4

Aristocratic vs Plutocratic: 5

Serfdom vs Free Subjects: 10

Innovative vs Narrowminded: 1

Mercantilism vs Free Trade: 5

Offensive vs Defensive: 5

Land vs Naval: 6

Quality vs Quantity: 2


The Magic Order is an ancient order/nation dedicated to the research and practice and magic. It is located on an island to the west of mainland Darvania. They are ruled by an Archmage, who is elected every 20 years from a council of 7 powerful magic users. Only magic users may vote. The current Archmage is Lorealis, a 700 year old High Elven Sorcerer. The Magic Order has traditionally been an isolationist nation, however in recent years it has taken notice of the increased naval prowess of the Nordic Kingdom, and a naval arms race is beginning. The Magic Order has only been at war 7 times in the last 1000 years, and won all but 1 of them. The Magic Order has been attempting to create an international treaty guaranteeing the safety of POWs and civilians, but has thus far been unsuccessful, partly due to the distrust of the strange nation, but mostly due to accusations of hypocrisy: the Magic Order petrifies all POWs to avoid having to feed them. They always release them after the war, and the repatriated soldiers always state it was no different from sleeping, but many do not believe this, assuming it is magical trickery. Overall, the Magic Order is one of the, if the most progressive and advanced nation in Darvania.

Army of the Magic Order.

Magic Order

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