Empire of Maguria

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Emperor: Emmanuel Eilhart

Empress: Estrid Eilhart (Sister of Ragnar)

Ideas (1-10)

Centralized vs Decentralized: 4

Aristocratic vs Plutocratic: 3

Serfdom vs Free Subjects: 7

Innovative vs Narrowminded: 3

Mercantilism vs Free Trade: 7

Offensive vs Defensive: 1

Land vs Naval: 3

Quality vs Quantity: 5


The Empire of Maguria is the oldest nation in the known world. It is a vestigial Empire ruled by the Eilhart dynasty. For 900 years they were the undisputed masters of Darvania, but the golden age of the Empire has long passed. 25 years ago, the wealthy northern province of Zaptia broke away and founded its own kingdom. 13 years ago, the Empire waged a costly and mostly indecisive campaign against the Elven Alliance in the south, but ultimately won and forced the Elven Alliance to become a vassal of the Empire. Some say the only person holding the Empire together is the brilliant and ruthless general Florenstein, the mastermind of the victory against the elves. The Emperor is 76 years old, and his health is failing. The empress is Estrid Eilhart, the sister of King Ragnar of the North. Due to the Emperor having no male heir, some believe Ragnar will claim the imperial throne when the Emperor dies, which will surely lead to war.

Empire of Maguria

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