Kingdom of Zaptia

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Queen: Wilhelmina Hohenstrasse

Ideas (1-10)

Centralized vs Decentralized: 1

Aristocratic vs Plutocratic: 5

Serfdom vs Free Subjects: 10

Innovative vs Narrowminded: 2

Mercantilism vs Free Trade: 5

Offensive vs Defensive: 5

Land vs Naval: 1

Quality vs Quantity: 3

The Kingdom of Zaptia is Darvania's youngest nation. Formerly part of the Empire of Maguria, it broke away 25 years ago after a bloody rebellion. It is a prosperous and relatively liberal nation, having embraced the ideas of the enlightenment. However, it is also a very militaristic society, where martial prowess is valued above all else. Officers get the best seating in theaters and restaurants, and are often saluted in the streets. It is a monarchy, ruled by queen Wilhelmina Hohenstrasse, who personally led the rebellion against the Empire. She was a peasant girl, who had never been near a palace in her entire life. After the war was won, the military leaders of the rebels unanimously crowned her Queen.  She has implemented many social and political reforms, such as the total abolition of serfdom, freedom of the press, and the right to assemble. But she still maintains power, and will be ruthless when necessary. Militarily, the Zaptian army is the best in all of the known world. Zaptian soldiers are renowned for their discipline, esprit de corps, and coolness under fire. 

Kingdom of Zaptia

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